Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Measure Shmeasure!

I took Norma's class yesterday, followed by a yoga class at W2L. Wore pants last night that I haven't worn in years. Today I did my floor workout - I could not run a mile at a 3 incline - I stuck to a 1 incline. But 5 minutes non-stop on Jacob's Ladder did not leave me breathless - progress! Oh well - got the whole week left to try the mile again! Left the gym, and took a yoga class in Armonk. This process at 60yo is very different than it was at 20 or 40. It's taking a lot of planning, and a lot of patience.


  1. Try the incline at 1.5 for 1/2 a mile then 2 incline. You will be at 3 before you know it.

  2. Jody don't forget to send me your food journal.