Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Going Green!

I'm thinking of going green, girls:) With all due respect to W2L, I'm a hippie dippie and like to make my own everything, sooooooooo. I'm going green for breakfast - blend kale, chard, parsley, lime, coconut water and a fruit. I'd like to work my way up to a one day green fast. I find that I need to super shake things up - otherwise my body is so slooooooow to change.


  1. Sounds interesting. I had a really tasty green bev at Sweetgrass in Tarrytown once and still kick myself for not asking what exactly was in it. Me? I sometimes make a protein drink with frozen berries, soy milk, maybe some yogurt. It's been too cold for me to do it the last few weeks. Next week is spring so, I'm hoping.

  2. Don't try this at home Aimee - it was disgusting! I'm starving! Just polished off the egg salad:)))Oh well:)