Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week One of BetterU

Just the Facts – 1 in 3 Odds for Heart Disease, 2 Women Will live, 1 Will Die

Think about two women in your life that are important to you – friends, family members, or co-workers. Odds are that out of the three of you, one will develop some form of heart disease in the course of your life. Even scarier is that this disease can kill you! Heart disease and stroke are the No. 1 killers of women, killing nearly twice as many women as all forms of cancer.

You probably know how to take care of your outer body and to manage your weight, but taking care of your inner body may seem more difficult. It's a misconception that adopting a "healthy lifestyle" takes too much time. While it's easy to say that tomorrow is a better time to start, it's up to you to choose to start changing now. Heart and blood vessel problems happen as we age, but if you can stay healthy until you turn 50, your chances of developing heart disease drastically decrease.

Over 12 weeks with the Better U program, you will learn your personal risk of heart disease and stroke and small changes you can make to live a stronger, longer life. Knowing what you need to do is not enough. Choose to start incorporating new, healthier behaviors into your life today.

Focus on Your Goals
Research shows that women who set goals are far more successful in changing their physical activity and eating behaviors. Following the SMART principles of goal setting you can improve your chances of success
even more.

Specific. Your goals should clearly state what you want to accomplish and by when.

Measurable. A SMART goal can be measured. "Two days this week I will ride my bike for 20 minutes."

Appropriate. Make sure your goals are right for you. For example, if you are already exercising regularly,
focus on decreasing saturated fats.

Realistic. A goal that is not realistic will never be attained. So why set it? Select a goal that is realistic for

Time frame. Short-term goals are the building blocks for long-term goals. Focus on the specific things you
will work on each week.

Think simple — and remember that lifestyle changes don't have to be drastic. Then pair your short-term
goals with a reward. For example:

Goal No. 1: This week, I'll find 30 minutes in my day every day to be physically active.
Reward: Go see a movie on Saturday with my best friend.

Goal No. 2: By the end of the week, I'll read two new articles about the benefits of eating healthy.
Reward: Treat myself to a new package of herbal bath salts and read a magazine while soaking in the

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