Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday yoga!

What a great class, made even greater when a BU member walked in. We worked out together and got to know each other, and I left the gym this morning Inspired. Made egg salad with Greek yogurt instead of mayo, and did the same with a turnip cabbage slaw - all delish. My family is perfectly happy to add their own mayo if they need to, and I can stick to my program.


  1. I am going to W2L Monday. If you can let me know what the locker room is like, that would be great! Do I need to bring a lock? Probably could call them and ask. But I don't want to be labeled a high maintenance gym bunny.

  2. Yes, you should bring your own lock. They have lockers in the gym on the ground floor if you don't want to bother walking upstairs to the locker room, or lockers in the locker room. There is a "detox" sauna you can use after you work out in the locker room, everyone goes in with their workout stuff on, just take off your sneakers. They give you towels for when you work out, but I brought my own. Bring your own water bottle, or you can buy a bottle of water there. Enjoy! I was sooo motivated and felt great after the workout today!