Thursday, February 14, 2013

Seeing Red

It's Sunday and I have had a chance to read my BetterU guide and Sundays are *my* day to focus on the weekly goals and take stock.

This week my plan is to P-L-A-N. That's my first SMART goal.  Second goal is to exercise 4x or more and goal #3 is to drink more water and get up to 3liters each day.

I already belong to a local gym and reacqainted myself with the rowing class this morning.  Tomorrow, I will go to W2L for yoga and to meet up with Norma.

There is a new obstacle : my FIL is in the hospital and my DH is saying he needs to be ready to travel. That means I lose out on him watching Jonathan while I go to a gym so I need to focus on efforts to make my home gym a reality.

Okay,  so it's time to get my groceries.

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  1. I see that my draft -- first saved on Thursday and not published until Sunday -- still shows the time when I started it. Okay so now I know.