Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hard habits to break

I'm heading down to a yoga class at W2L this morning - gosh this is hard - it's the little habits that are so hard to break. like playing Mommy to my husband - I'd rather make his egg sandwich and doodle around taking care of him this morning, than take care of myself. So I'm leaving him a note about cereal and then I'm off with a swig of OJ and a healthy breakfast bar. Funny how it's easy to substitute greek yogurt for mayo, but it's the people habits that are hard for me to change. If Apple Farm is open on my way home, I might buy myself some delicious berries to celebrate my yoga success!


  1. Small changes--one at a time--will make a big impact. So hard as moms, partners, and daughters to put ourselves back on the list! But that's a new habit worth creating:)

  2. Better Habit + Better U = Happy Wife + Happy Hubby