Thursday, April 18, 2013

Being a caregiver and taking care

Good morning!

I thought of you all, last night.  While my young child played in the yard in the early evening, I was determined to get a workout in.  So, I walked--with bursts of running at regular intervals--in my driveway...I could interact with the kiddo, and get in my 30 minutes.  It wasn't exciting, but it was still exercise.

How do you get creative about fitting in your workouts?

This link for caregivers is really geared toward folks involved in taking care of someone with a cardiovascular condition, but I think its advice is good for any type of caregiver...including parents:

Also sharing some of our "how to make a healthy home" to create a heart-healthy household.  Makes our journeys easier when the folks we live with are engaged in healthy lifestyles with us.  The link is geared toward parents, but it has great tips for everyone who manages some tasks of "keeping house" (budget healthy meals, for example)!

Have a good rest of your week!

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